2021 DEI Summer Fellows Finishing the first Month of Internships

The 6 BBA DEI Summer Fellows are now finishing their first month at their Fellowships. We checked in and asked, “Which work task or experience this week did you find most interesting or enjoyable?” See their responses below!

Kajahna Matos, UMass Law – Dartmouth
Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS)

I found my task in helping to create a homicide timeline for one of the attorney’s I work with to be the most interesting this week! I have always wanted to work on high crime cases and see what the experience is like for an attorney. Through this task, I have received a ton of exposure in how to do pretrial preparation for a murder charge. 

Catherine Garcia Summa, UMass Law – Dartmouth
Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

This past week, I was afforded the opportunity to research how to properly serve a foreign limited liability company without a registered agent in Massachusetts.  We learned about proper service of process during Civil Procedure, but actually taking part in the proceeding gave me a deeper understanding of the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure.  What was most enjoyable is seeing how what I learned during class is applied in the field, and how my research and the write ups of my findings help the legal team.  Getting the hands on experience has been invaluable.

Dhairya Bhatia, Boston College Law School
United States Bankruptcy Court

This week, I began research on the dischargeability of student loan debt in bankruptcy. This research is interesting because I’ve heard about how difficult it was to discharge student loan debt because a debtor has to show that repaying student loan debt would impose an undue hardship on them. Now, I’ve learned about the competing standards to assess undue hardship, the history and policies of student loan debt, and a little about the role the courts play in fashioning equitable remedies. This research is shedding light on how a student can discharge their student loan debt in bankruptcy.

Alfred Spencer, Suffolk University School of Law
Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office

The most interesting experience I had in this past week was being able to carry out certain legal duties under Rule 3:03. Although it was a nerve-racking experience at first, it was a very educational experience and I enjoyed being able to apply what I have learned in law school. I look forward to presenting more cases and learning more in the coming weeks and being able to apply the feedback given to me by the Assistant District Attorneys.

Jessie Baek, Boston College Law School
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD)

This week I have been making progress on my research memo on the privilege that attaches between the MCAD’s Commission Counsel and a Complainant. It’s a challenging topic to explore, but this week I narrowed my research and have been looking closely at how pro se litigants are treated by the court. It was interesting to read how different courts view pro se litigants, and it helped a lot in figuring out how to close the conceptual gap that I was facing.

Travis Salters, Boston College Law School
Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General (AGO)

My time at the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General has been filled with several incredible experiences and opportunities for growth. Throughout all the meaningful assignments, I’ve constantly received constructive feedback to strengthen my research and writing. The most enjoyable experience was participating in a moot court prior to an attorney arguing before the Appeals Court the following day. The task entailed reading all the briefs and documents associated with the case, preparing potential questions that may challenge the Office’s argument, and posing those questions in a live session while acting as a judge. Asking the questions was terrific, but simply listening in on the strategic planning by several attorneys across different departments was particularly fascinating. I feel strongly that I learn just as much from “listening” as “doing” when I’m surrounded by such brilliant attorneys.

Funding for the position with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General has been provided by the Boston Bar Foundation (BBF) Beacon Fund. The position at the Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General has been sponsored by the Foley Hoag Foundation. The position at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Massachusetts is made possible by the Charles P. Normandin Fund, the position at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) is made possible through the law firm Pierce Atwood, and the position at the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) is sponsored by the law firm Nutter. For more information about how to support the BBF, please contact Solana Goss at sgoss@bostonbar.org.