2021 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Fellows Begin Summer Internships

The 6 BBA DEI Summer Fellows all started work in in early June. We checked in and asked “What are you most looking forward to this summer over the course of your Fellowship?”

Catherine Garcia

I am most excited to apply my legal research and writing skills to real world scenarios and see how what I have learned this past year translates into actual practice.  I am also very excited to network with the other fellowship recipients as well as BBA members and learn more about the various practice areas of law.  Because most law schools have been fully remote this past year, I feel like I have been in a bit of a bubble and am eager to meet people and talk about our experiences in school and in practice.

Jessie Baek

I am most excited to work with my attorney supervisor to gain a better understanding of how the MCAD resolves discrimination complaints. By engaging in legal research and writing, I hope to become a stronger advocate for future clients. 

Alfred Spencer

This summer over the course of my Fellowship placement I am looking forward to being able to witness progressive prosecution firsthand while I work with the Chelsea District Court Division. I am also excited to finally be able to work on something that I am truly passionate about, criminal justice reform. Being able to work in such a progressive legal environment where I can see firsthand how these new policies directly impact individuals and communities is an experience that I know will help me hone the skills needed to [SN1] contribute to ongoing conversations that can truly bring about criminal justice reform. I know that what I learn and what I experience will stay with me for the rest of my legal career.

Kajahna Matos

I am most excited about meeting attorneys in the Boston CPCS office and engaging in their community efforts by providing great defense to indigent people. I am looking forward to the diverse environment that Boston brings and seeing it fill the Boston CPCS office. I am ready to learn new things and how to become the best public defender I can be by being mentored from those in CPCS. 

Dhairya Bhatia

I am most interested in learning more about issues consumers are facing, since bankruptcy covers such a diverse set of consumer issues! I am also excited to get to write about some of these topics and attend hearings!

Travis Salters

I am one week into my Fellowship at the Massachusetts’s Office of the Attorney General, and I have already had an amazing experience! The meaningful and substantive work of the office has challenged me to employ the knowledge and skills that I have developed during my first year of law school. Particularly, my Law Practice class at Boston College, where Professor Mary Ann Chirba was exceptional at teaching me how to draft memos and briefs, has been critical in my ability to perform in this role. In my first week, I participated in a moot court to help an attorney prepare for an Appeals Court argument, and I have met with several attorneys to receive feedback and direction. I look forward to building mentor relationships with attorneys throughout the office that will hopefully last beyond this Fellowship. I am also excited to expand my personal community by getting to know other Fellows and Interns.

Funding for the position with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General has been provided by the Boston Bar Foundation (BBF) Beacon Fund. The position at the Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General has been sponsored by the Foley Hoag Foundation. The position at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Massachusetts is made possible by the Charles P. Normandin Fund, the position at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) is made possible through the law firm Pierce Atwood, and the position at the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) is sponsored by the law firm Nutter. For more information about how to support the BBF, please contact Solana Goss at sgoss@bostonbar.org.