Lawyer Referral Service Members Teach & Inspire New BBA Staff

Throughout the month of July, Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) panel attorneys volunteered their time to conduct training sessions on a variety of legal topics for new staff working in the BBA and especially our new intern for the LRS department. These trainings have been instrumental in helping our staff better understand the needs of attorneys we serve and ensuring we are conducting intake and screening calls efficiently to connect members of our community with the help they need.

This is what they had to say about the training sessions:

“The LRS Trainings were so insightful both to my experience here as the LRS Intern as well as for my future career goals. After hearing from attorneys about their specific practice area, I am able to give informed referrals to callers. Coming into this internship I knew that I had a passion for Civil Rights and Torts Law. However, I did not expect to find that I am also very interested in Employment and Consumer Law, something I may not have stumbled upon until much later in life. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with practicing attorneys and learn from them, not only about what they do on a day to day basis, but also their career journeys and personal interests. Each LRS training has been an inspiring moment that continuously reaffirmed my passion to pursue law school and a career in the legal field.”- Chandler Cofield

Chandler Cofield is working in the BBA Lawyer Referral Service for six months through Northeastern University’s Co-Op Program. Chandler is a fourth-year Sociology major with minors in Law & Public Policy and Human Communication.

“As the Section Programs Assistant, I have the opportunity to sit in meetings, conferences, and many different programs that are offered here at the BBA. As someone who has very limited knowledge on different areas of law, this can be intimidating and confusing. However, through the LRS trainings, I got to personally meet and talk with amazing practicing attorneys and learn so much about how the different types of law can be applied in everyday life. I have a passion for social justice and knowing your rights and how the law can work on your side is the best way to implement change.” – Jenna Kim

Jenna Kim is the BBA’s Section Programs Assistant, working to provide support to the Professional Development Department and our member attorneys.
(Pictured Above) LRS Attorney Jeremy Weltman conducting a training on Torts, Personal Injury, and Civil Rights to our intern Chandler Cofield.

The trainings were organized by the Boston Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service, the largest public service program of the Boston Bar Association, dedicated to helping members of the public in need of assistance connecting with attorneys.  We would like to thank the following attorneys who volunteered their time to conduct training sessions for the BBA’s new staff:

· Sara Attarchi (Simons Law Office) – Criminal Law
· Joel Davidson (Law Offices of Joel R. Davidson) – Social Security, Health, & Disability
· Morjieta Derisier (BayState Law Group, PLLC) – Landlord/Tenant & Real Estate
· Benjamin Duggan (KJC Law Firm LLC) – Employment Law
· Emily Amara Gordon (Amara Law, LLC) – Immigration Law
· Carolyn Martello Spaulding (Blake & Associates) – Trusts & Estates
· Daniel Occena (Occena Law P.C.) – Consumer Law & Bankruptcy Law
· Joana Stathi (Atwood & Cherny P.C.) – Family Law
· Jeremy Weltman (Hermes, Netburn, O’Connor & Spearig P.C.) – Torts, Personal Injury & Civil Rights

If you are interested in joining the BBA Lawyer Referral Service, or becoming involved in training sessions in the future, please contact Chane Vanes at