Judicial Interns Wrap Up Another Successful Summer

The 2015 Judicial Interns worked at nine courts in Greater Boston for a total of over 4,100 hours throughout the summer.

The 2015 Judicial Interns worked at nine courts in Greater Boston for a total of over 4,100 hours throughout the summer.

Beyond the Billable would like to congratulate the 2015 Judicial Interns on all of their hard work volunteering in the courts. The program gives law students the opportunity to gain firsthand experience while working closely with a judge at one of nine participating courts in and around the Greater Boston area.

This summer marks the fifth year since the internship was created by the BBA’s Diversity & Inclusion Section, with the goal of retaining a diverse population of young lawyers here in Boston. Additionally, the program aims to provide law students with the valuable mentoring and professional experience needed to succeed after graduation. This year we had a total of 24 students from our five sponsor schools, George Mason University School of Law, and Western New England School of Law collectively volunteer over 4,000 hours!

We caught up with Alexander Conley (New England Law | Boston Class of 2017) to hear more about his experience working with Judge Catherine K. Byrne in Boston Municipal Court; here’s what he had to say:

“One of the most memorable moments during my internship happened after being on the job for only a little while.  After observing a motion to suppress, the judge that I was working with asked me if I ’wanted to take this one.’  At first I had no idea what she meant. However, when she explained that she wanted me to draft the opinion for her I was very surprised. It was the first time during the internship that I was asked to do something of such substance, and when I got the assignment I was both excited and nervous.”

When we asked Christopher Boutin (Suffolk University Law, Class of 2017) what his most memorable moment during the internship was, here’s what he told us:

“The most memorable experience of the summer was getting the opportunity to watch the Tsarnayev sentencing hearing in the Federal Courthouse. Judge Tochka urged us to attend so we could experience how a high profile case differs from other cases.

I would highly recommend the judicial internship to ALL law students. Overall, this experience provided me with the kind of knowledge that you cannot learn in the classroom. It provides with the knowledge that only comes from years of experience.”

Congratulations to all of the 2015 summer interns, and we wish you all the best of luck during this upcoming school year!