A Student Perspective: Visiting Moakley Courthouse

The BBAs Judicial interns and

BBA interns in front of the John Joseph Moakley Courthouse. 

Guest Post: Jennifer Le is one of the Summer Jobs Student working at the Boston Bar Association. Jennifer recently graduated from Boston Community Leadership Academy in Hyde Park and will be participating in the Foundation Year Program at Northeastern University next year.

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to visit John Joseph Moakley Courthouse with the BBA Judicial Interns. The Moakley Courthouse is a beautiful building filled with amazing, interesting architectural design and one of Boston’s historical tourist spot. This courthouse is also known for its famous federal cases, including the Boston Marathon Bomber (United States v. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) and the Whitey Bulger cases (United States of America v. James J. Bulger).

Our tour guide educated us on the architecture of the building. The front of the building is made up of metal that’s nearly indestructible to prevent bombings and injuries of any kind. The courthouse is also designed to emphasize equality amongst criminals, citizens, lawyers, and Judges. For example, the Judge’s seat is at eye level of a lawyer when the lawyer stands up and criminals are not to wear orange jumpsuits at sentencing.

We had the chance to observe three court cases, including a child pornography case, kidnapping case, and an alleged fraudulent workers compensation case. At the end of the kidnapping case, we even spoke with Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton about the court proceeding in greater detail.

It’s astonishing to see how much history is embedded into one building and to realize that it will continue to amaze and motivate people like myself. I can’t wait to see the long and exciting future that the Moakley Courthouse holds, with all the amazing cases, the art and design. The knowledge and experience will be endless! I’ve always wanted to become a lawyer, and I feel even more motivated after visiting the Moakley Courthouse.