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Attorneys Pick Up Tips on How to Tackle Special Immigrant Juvenile Cases

Panelist share useful tips with attorneys who may support immigrant children in special juvenile cases.

Panelist shared useful tips to help attorneys support immigrant children in special juvenile cases.


Panelist Laurie Carafone (Kids in Need of Defense), Elizabeth Badger (Kids in Need of Defense), Jay McManus (Childrens Law Center of Massachusetts), and Jennifer Klein (Committee for Public Service Counsel –Somerville) gathered at the BBA last Monday to discuss special immigrant juvenile cases. The panelists shared their personal experiences and gave the attendees some advice on how they can approach similar proceedings to gain the best outcome for children involved.

Beyond the Billable reached out to Elizabeth Badger for more information. Here’s what she had to say about why she believes it’s important for attorneys and judges to educate themselves about special proceedings in immigrant juvenile cases:

“Noncitizen children appearing before the juvenile courts are often the children most in need of stability, which SIJ can provide them.  That same court proceeding to address those needs is able to provide them with the orders needed to petition for SIJ status.  However, very few families and attorneys are aware of the court’s ability to provide this relief and pathway to stabilize the children’s lives.”