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Practice Makes Perfect! Media Training Puts Potential Spokespeople in the Interview Hot Seat

Attorneys learn how to use the media to their advantage.

Attorneys learned some useful tips and tricks about how they can use the media effectively.


If a reporter called you right now, would you be pleased or panicky? Confident or concerned? Members of the Affinity Bar Leadership Institute now place themselves comfortably in the former category, having attended this week’s “Media Preparedness and Training” workshop at the BBA.

The training answered questions like: Why seek media coverage? What do I need to know before developing a communications strategy? When should I use a press release, a statement or a pitch? How do I decline an interview tactfully? In addition, participants learned interview tactics and techniques, and had the opportunity to practice their skills in one-on-one mock interviews.

For a copy of the presentation, contact Communications Director Kerry Crisley at kcrisley@bostonbar.org