Daily Archives: Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Preparing Attorneys to Give Debtors a Fresh Start

Last Thursday, attorneys gathered in the Conference Center at 16 Beacon for the annual Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Pro Bono Training, co-hosted by the BBA and Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association (VLP).  Expert Panelists Jesse Redlener (Dalton & Finegold, LLP), Warren Agin (Swiggart & Agin, LLC), Kate Nicholson (Parker & Associates), and Hsindy Chen (Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association) walked attendees through the basics of representing a Chapter 7 debtors pro bono.

Chen - Hsindy02Now that attendees have completed the training, they are ready to assist debtors through VLP’s Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Program. We reached out to panelist and VLP Staff Attorney Hsindy Chen to learn more about why attorneys should get involved in VLP’s Bankruptcy Pro Bono Project. Here’s what she had to say:

“Through VLP’s bankruptcy pro bono project, volunteer attorneys provide legal representation to indigent debtors on a pro bono basis.  Filing bankruptcy provides a “fresh start” for many consumer debtors.  This is especially true for legal services clients who lack support and resources in their everyday lives.  It is an enormous consolation for our clients during times of crisis to know that they have representation in their bankruptcy.  Without the assistance of pro bono attorneys, our clients would be forced to file pro se, risking dismissal of their cases.  Filing bankruptcy prevents, among other things, wage garnishments, utility shut offs, and continued harassment from creditors.  Our clients are extremely grateful for the representation and our volunteers develop into competent and ethical bankruptcy attorneys through their volunteer work.  The pro bono relationship is truly symbiotic – calling your client to inform them of the Order of Discharge is a truly gratifying experience for an attorney!”