One Year Later – Reflecting on the BBA Marathon Assistance Project


Lawyers were not the first responders. They were not the police and safety personnel who protected the Commonwealth. They were not the doctors and nurses whose expertise saved dozens of lives. However, lawyers responded to the Marathon bombing the best way they knew how – by offering to provide pro bono legal assistance for individuals and small businesses affected by the bombing through the BBA Marathon Assistance Project. Over the course of this year, our volunteers have traveled to homes to complete One Fund applications, assisted small business owners in filing insurance claims, and helped both business owners and individuals navigate a range of other legal issues as a result of the bombings. Here is a snapshot of the Project to date:

  • After the BBA’s initial press release calling for pro bono volunteers, over 200 individual volunteers, 26 law firms, and 3 law schools offered their assistance.
  • To date, the Marathon Assistance Project has helped 45 individuals and 20 small businesses with their claims & legal issues.
  •  72 attorneys have taken cases through the Marathon Assistance Project.
  • These cases have included helping to complete 14 One Fund claim applications, which have included multiple home visits across New England.

If you would like to hear personal accounts of the impact of the volunteer’s work, we’ve gathered a few stories for you. To learn more about the work of our volunteers for small businesses click here. You can learn more about legal assistance for individuals in this recent mailer or the spring edition of the Boston Bar Journal.

However, the work is not yet done. As the city continues to heal, members of the Bar stand ready to assist with the second distribution of the One Fund and continue to offer legal assistance to those affected.