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BBA Announcing 2020 Law School Graduate Mentoring Program!

The BBA is thrilled to announce our new mentoring program that will provide mentorship to recent law school graduates! Our program consists of two forms of mentorship: Bar Coaching and Career Transition Coaching.

Bar Coaching will assist new graduates as they prepare to sit for the most unique bar exam in recent history. There will be additional hurdles and stressors unique to this bar exam season. This year’s Bar Coaching Program will address these unique concerns and offer support to exam takers. Coaches will assist graduates with study schedules, stress management, and other non-substantive aspects of preparing for the exam. Graduates can also expect supplemental programming from the BBA such as essay writing and attacking the multiple choice.

Career Transition Coaching takes graduates beyond the Bar Exam and helps prepare them for entering the practice of law. Graduates can expect help with their resumes, networking, interview preparation as well as general guidance on practicing in the Boston area. The program will also be supported by regular roundtable events in which participants can network and learn from each other’s experiences.

Graduates and Mentors can sign up to participate in one or both programs!

If you are a recent graduate that would like to participate in one or both programs, please complete this online information form

Interested in volunteering as a mentor?:

We are seeking lawyers who are interested in coaching recent graduates as they study for the bar and prepare to enter the profession of law. Mentors can volunteer to coach graduates for the bar, transitioning into the profession, or both. Training resources and guidance are provided by the BBA. Meeting schedules are determined by the mentor-mentee pair, though roughly once every 1-2 weeks is typical.

If you would like to volunteer as a coach, please complete this online information form.

For more information on the Bar Exam and Transition Coaching Program, please contact Doug Newton, Community Programs Assistant, at or 617-778-1918.