Public Service Spotlight: Helping Future Lawyers Pass the Bar

Taking the Bar Exam is stressful. And for those who have already taken the exam and are sitting for it again, the anxiety may be even greater. The BBA’s Bar Exam Coaching program offers free coaching to help applicants navigate the process, anxiety, and expectations that come with preparing for the Bar Exam.

The program focuses on providing support to applicants who are retaking the Uniform Bar Examination in Massachusetts, although first-time takers can also be matched with a coach based on availability. Applicants are matched with volunteer attorney coaches who have received training from experienced bar prep staff to assist with the non-substantive elements of preparing for the exam, including mental preparation, effective study techniques, and time management. Over half of applicants participating in the program work full time while studying for the bar exam, making the support of a coach who can help with time management and study schedules even more critical. Since the program’s official launch in 2017, 57% of participants served by the program have been bar applicants of color.

If you know an applicant taking the exam in February of 2020 who would like to be connected with a coach, you can send them this online information form.

Boston Bar pro bono and public service projects are made possible by funding from the Boston Bar Foundation.