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Lawyer Referral Service Visits Cambridge Carnival

The BBA’s Lawyer Referral Service had a great afternoon tabling during the 26th Annual Cambridge Carnival International last Sunday!  It was a lively event full of dancing, music, great food, and fun times to celebrate Caribbean cultures rooted in African tradition.  Over 100,000 people come out each year making this the largest festival in Cambridge.

Sitting alongside other community organizations and vendors, we spread the word about our newly redesigned, which anyone can use 24/7 to easily find an attorney who works in their needed area of law.  We also still have trained Lawyer Referral Specialists who can be reached at 617-742-0625 weekdays from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM who are ready to quickly connect callers with an attorney.

The LRS attends events like Cambridge Carnival every year to make the public more aware that our service is an available resource to help people find the legal representation they need, including at a reduced rate. We’re thankful for the Cambridge Carnival organizers for a fantastic afternoon.

If you’re an attorney interested in joining the Lawyer Referral Service, contact Solana Goss at [email protected] to find out more information.

LRS Co-op Intern, Jack Caplan, greets individuals interested in learning more about LRS.

PILP Hears from Women’s Rights Experts

In July, the PILP class heard from speakers about issues concerning women’s rights.

First, PILP met with Lauren Stiller Rikleen, founder and president of the Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership.  Ms. Rikleen spoke to the PILP class about the Survey of Workplace Conduct and Behavior in Law Firms, which the Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership developed and distributed this year in partnership with the Women’s Bar Association of Massachusetts.  Ms. Rikleen discussed the results of the survey and trends identified in participants’ responses, and the manner in which the data collected from the survey will be used to increase awareness of the range of behaviors that have negatively impacted the workplace experience of individuals working in Massachusetts law firms.  Ms. Rikleen also discussed recommendations for addressing inappropriate conduct in the workplace, and strategies for engaging people in positions of leadership and developing systems of accountability within law firms.

Next, Jamie Sabino spoke to the PILP class about reproductive justice and access to abortion for women. As an active member of Planned Parenthood since 1981, serving as Board Chair for both PPLM and the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts, and chair for the Judicial Consent for Minors Lawyer Referral Panel, representing minors forced to seek judicial authorization for abortion, Ms. Sabino brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the discussion around reproductive justice.  In particular, Ms. Sabino explained the legal and social history of abortion issues in Massachusetts, looking through both state and federal lenses. Ms. Sabino also discussed the current battles being fought in the reproductive justice sphere, including the threat of defunding planned parenthood through Title X and Medicaid cut-backs. Ms. Sabino encouraged PILP members to learn about and support current legislation such as the Healthy Youth Act, which would ensure that public schools in Massachusetts provide medically-accurate, age-appropriate, and LGBTQ-inclusive sex education curriculum to students.