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BBA Bar Coaching Program: From Student to Coach

Tony said it was “soul-crushing” for him when he found out he didn’t pass the bar exam for the first time. Until he enrolled in the BBA’s Bar Coaching program, he felt like the only person he knew who was stuck with having to do it over, he said.

“It’s devastating. You watch your colleagues that you graduated law school with, and the majority of them passed. While you don’t want to take away from what they accomplished, you’re jealous that it wasn’t you,” he said. “But when I entered the room (at the BBA) there were a lot of other people that were in the same boat.”

Tony said he was struggling to balance working full time and studying for the bar exam. His coach, attorney Mike McDermott (Dain Torpy), was able to relate and provide tips from his own experience.

“(Mike) was a positive guy. If I ever had questions, if he didn’t have an answer, he would put me in contact with someone that would know,” Tony said. “It doesn’t sound like much, but if it takes you 30 minutes to find a contact to talk to about something, that’s 30 minutes that you’re not studying.  From that standpoint, it’s invaluable.”

Tony went on to pass the bar exam in February, and he believes so strongly in the bar coaching program that he decided to “pay it forward” and coach a test-taker as they study for their upcoming exam in July.

If you are taking the bar exam in July or you know someone who is, check out the BBA Bar Coaching Program webpage!