BRA’s First Summer Jobs Student ‘In Love’ with the Work


When the summer began, Sherley Muscade didn’t know much about urban planning.

Now, she can rattle off a series of buildings the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) had a hand in erecting. She has reviewed real estate documents dating back to the 1980s, reorganized the BRA’s archives and gained a new perspective on old neighborhoods. She has even drafted important legal documents, such as mortgage discharge papers and land use agreements, to help the staff on the 9th floor of City Hall.

“I’m in love with the BRA,” Sherley said of her summer job.

This is the first year the BRA has participated in the BBA’s Summer Jobs Program, and the team working with Sherley had a lot of good things to say about her performance. She is an asset both in the office and on the playing field, having joined the BRA’s softball team shortly after starting there.

Kate Sullivan, a receptionist at the BRA, said Sherley is “kind, professional and poised,” which Sullivan found especially impressive for someone Sherley’s age.

Though Sherley is not yet done with high school, she is seriously reviewing her college options, and said one of the best parts of talking with her coworkers at the BRA is learning more about their experience in their undergraduate studies and in law school.

“Everybody is a resource to me. They are unbelievably friendly and helpful, and always ready to share their stories with me,” she said.

While Sherley said she does not anticipate pursuing a career in real estate law, she thinks her work at the BRA could be helpful years down the line when she gears up to take the bar exam.

“Before I started working here, I didn’t know the bar exam covered all of the different types of law, so it’s helpful to hear these new terms and learn how to apply them,” she said.

In her application for the program, Sherley said she was looking for a way to make her summer more active and productive. Since she started, Sherley said the Summer Jobs program has helped her think “in more realistic terms” about her goals for her future schooling and career.

“The people here are so amazing and I had no idea how lucky I would be to get into this program,” she said.