Job Shadow Day Q & A: What Did the Attorneys Think?

Sparkle Calhoun (Holland & Knight) and a Holland & Knight Summer Jobs student at the Summer Jobs Celebration last summer

Sparkle Calhoun (Holland & Knight) and a Holland & Knight Summer Jobs student at the Summer Jobs Celebration last summer

Recently, four of our Summer Jobs employers participated in the Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) annual Job Shadow Day, during which students go to an office to watch professionals do their jobs, ask them questions, and assist them with their work.
The following offices hosted students on Job Shadow Day:

  • Conn, Kavanaugh, Rosenthal, Peisch & Ford
  • Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office
  • Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, PC
  • Holland & Knight

They have also committed to hiring a Summer Jobs student, furthering their efforts to help local students shape their future careers.

The Holland & Knight attorneys who participated are Job Shadow Day veterans, and we reached out to them to see how their experience went this time around. This is what Associate Kevin Bergesen and Partner David Glynn had to say:

BTB:      What was the biggest takeaway from Job Shadow Day for you?

David Glynn: We need to provide more opportunities for high school kids to sit down with adults and ask candid questions about what they actually do in their line of work, whether they enjoy it, and how they got to where they are.  We should always be telling kids to stay in school, but we should also be explaining to kids what they can ultimately achieve if they do, and how to achieve it.

Kevin Bergesen: I enjoy learning about students’ backgrounds and developing a sense of where they come from and how they intend to shape their community in the future.
BTB:      What do you think was the biggest takeaway for the student?

David Glynn: My student, in particular, was interested in a career in law and said that he found the experience very educational in terms of charting his course through high school and college on to law school.

Kevin Bergesen: Job Shadow Day helps the students better understand the variety of an attorney’s day – one student noted that he learned that “a lawyer isn’t just a person that argues all day”.

BTB:      Were you surprised by any of the student’s questions, and what were they?

David Glynn: The student I hosted was not only interested in the practice of law, but asked many good questions about how law firms operate, how attorneys attract clients, and how client relationships are maintained.

Kevin Bergesen: The students were very interested in how our firm interacts with other aspects of the Boston community and its legal system, for example, the students asked how closely we worked with the police and the state legislature.

BTB:  How many times have you participated in Job Shadow Day and what keeps you coming back each year?

David Glynn: I have participated for the past two years.  I keep volunteering because I think that kids rarely have the opportunity to have a candid discussion with an adult about what they actually do at work, whether their work is satisfying, and how they got to where they are.

Kevin Bergesen: This is my third Job Shadow Day and I will continue to participate to help students feel more comfortable in a professional setting and appreciate that they already possess many of the skills that will make them successful in the workplace.