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BBA Wraps Up Another Successful Summer Jobs Program


BBA Summer Jobs student Hector Fajardo, who interned at McCarter & English this summer, spoke about his experience in the program at Tuesday's Celebration.

BBA Summer Jobs student Hector Fajardo, who interned at McCarter & English this summer, spoke about his experience in the program at Tuesday’s Celebration.

Last night, the 2015 BBA Summer Jobs students gathered with their families, employers, and members of the Boston Private Industry Council to celebrate a successful summer interning in the legal field.  The keynote speaker, Judge Serge Georges, Jr. (Boston Municipal Court, Dorchester Division), gave the students an inspiring speech on his own career path and his hopes for the students in the future. Additionally, BBA Summer Jobs student Hector Fajardo, a recent graduate of John D. O’Bryant School of Math & Science and intern at McCarter & English, spoke about his experience in the program.  His remarks were great so we felt compelled to share his experience in the program. Read Hector’s speech in full, below:

“Students, parents, members of the Private Industry Council, as well as employers, my name is Hector Fajardo and I would like to welcome you to this event at the Boston Bar Association; I appreciate the effort you each took to come to this celebration. Additionally, I would like to thank you all for the respective roles you have played in the Boston Bar Association Summer Jobs Program, this summer would not have been as enjoyable without such a dynamic ensemble of people. Today, I will give you a glimpse of my personal experience working at one of the law firms partnered with the BBA, McCarter & English, and I hope you are able to take away how beneficial the experiences that arise from partnerships like these are, to students like me.

I have always been someone interested in the legal field, though apart from watching glamorized versions of court cases on TV and hearing a few bad lawyer jokes over the years, I had not had a genuine look at what happens inside a law firm. This changed when I was accepted into the BBA’s Summer Jobs Program at the end of this past school year. I had been looking to sink my teeth into a more tangible representation of life in a law firm, and the BBA provided this for me by granting me the opportunity to immerse myself in an environment brimmed with an esteemed collection of people who practice various facets of the law. Not only that, I was able to learn more about the role of secretaries and the surrounding staff and how they work together to form the backbone of law firms.

My experience talking to my coworkers and collaborating with them has opened my eyes, as I hope it has for my fellow students, and shown me a myriad of situations that lawyers often become involved with. Though only over the course of a short period of time, Ted Grannatt, a partner in McCarter & English, gave me one of the most honest and useful accounts of what life is like for an attorney and I am grateful for the wealth of insight he shared. Aside from my experience with the attorneys at the firm, I would like to thank my supervisor, Office Manager Susan Mills, and her assistant Jolanta O’Brien, for making sure I have things to do and welcoming me into McCarter during my entire stay. I was glad to have been given the opportunity to interact with my coworkers and improve on some useful skills that may come in handy going forth.

Additionally I am tremendously grateful to Katie D’Angelo and the BBA for helping all of us students obtain jobs in truly impressive places and supplementing our experiences with enriching workshops and seminars. My favorite experiences on Wednesdays have been participating in the mock City Council meeting as well as attending the mock bankruptcy hearing as I enjoyed the hands-on experience of the meeting, and the engaging portrayal of the hearing.

As my journey with the Boston Bar Association comes to an end this summer, I feel better prepared for a career in law and politics and I know I will put the skills and connections I have gathered for the past seven weeks to use as I start the next stage of my life at Williams College this fall. I encourage us all to build upon the experiences we have had over the summer so that we may continue to grow into the people we want to become. Thank you all for your time and attention and I hope you enjoy the rest of your night.”

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A Student’s Perspective: Visiting the Supreme Judicial Court

The BBA Summer Jobs students met with Associate Justice Sydney Hanlon (Massachusetts Trial Court) to hear about her career and the process to become a judge.

The BBA Summer Jobs students met with Associate Justice Sydney Hanlon (Massachusetts Appeals Court) to hear about her career and the process to become a judge.

Guest Post: Elijah Oyenuga is one of the Summer Jobs Student working at the Boston Bar Association. He recently graduated from Another Course to College in Brighton and will be attending Lesley University next year.

The courts in Greater Boston always have a rich history behind them, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, or rather the John Adams Courthouse, is no different. Upon our visit to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, we were given a tour by the law clerks who graciously took the time out of their day to do so. First, we explored the court room occupied by the Supreme Judicial Court. It was by far the most beautiful and intimidating of the state courts. Next, we viewed two rooms, one dedicated to the life of our second president John Adams and another to the Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti case.

One of the cases showcased in the John Adams room, was the case of Quock Walker vs. Jennison, a case that helped abolish slavery in Massachusetts. It was case about an American slave who sued for his freedom in June 1781 and ended with Chief Justice William Cushing declaring all men to be born free and equal according to the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780. In contrast, we then have the case of Sacco and Vanzetti, two anarchists who were wrongfully convicted and executed for armed robbery and murder. One is a prime example of when the law and those who swear to uphold it work in a just fashion; the other is a blatant crime, an abuse of power and prejudice. This was my second time embarking on this tour and it was still very insightful in terms of this working dichotomy that is always present in our society.

The BBA Summer Jobs students toured the courtrooms and historical galleries at the Supreme Judicial Court on Wednesday.

The BBA Summer Jobs students toured the courtrooms and historical galleries at the Supreme Judicial Court on Wednesday.

Last, we met with Associate Justice Sydney Hanlon of the Appeals Court. Associate Justice Hanlon is remarkable and charismatic woman with a whimsical personality. She told us about the amazing story of her life, from how she started out in her career to how she came to fall in love with Boston. It was interesting to learn her vast amount of occupations prior to becoming an Associate Justice. She headed the sexual assault unit, became an assistant United States attorney in Boston, worked in the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, become an assistant attorney general, and formed a drug crime unit. Her life and experience is truly something for the textbooks. It is always motivating to meet such an amazing person because it lets the youth like us know that anything is possible.

The Boston Bar Association has put me into contact with lovely lawyers and judges that are just as amazing as Associate Justice Hanlon and that is a wonderful thing. My time at the BBA is coming to an end and I just want to thank everyone at the BBA, the lawyers and judges that came to speak with us. And most of all, I want to thank Katie D’Angelo for giving me this opportunity and being an amazing supervisor. This was by far the most enjoyable and educational summer I have ever had and it’s all thanks to you.