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Summer Jobs Alum: Sally Mengual



Name: Sally Mengual (Ogine-Noel)
BBA Summer Jobs Program Participation Year: 1996
BBA Summer Jobs Program Employer: Attorney General Office (AGO)
High School: West Roxbury High School
College: Regis College
Any Additional Schools: Northeastern University, Paralegal Certificate
Current Employer: Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Current Position: Paralegal Specialist

How did the BBA Summer Jobs Program prepare you for your current position/overall career?
The BBA Summer Jobs Program opened the door for me to be where I am today. Working at the AGO was my first professional office job. It taught me how to act like a professional, dress like a professional and be a professional. It also taught me valuable job skills such as communication, organizational and management skills. Because of the BBA Summer Jobs Program, I was able to make the connections needed to apply for an internship 2 years later while at Regis College, which turned into a full time position after I graduated.

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