Checking In with Summer Jobs Alumni

Many of the students who participated in the 2014 BBA Summer Jobs Program have continued on to exciting professional jobs.

Many of the students who participated in the 2014 BBA Summer Jobs Program have continued on to exciting professional jobs.

There’s no denying that the BBA Summer Jobs Program attracts all-star students, who are eager to gain work experience and to learn about the legal field. As a result, it’s not surprise that our students go on to do some pretty cool things. We checked in with a few of the students who participated in the program last year to see what they’re up to this summer. Here’s what they had to say:

Thomas Vu“I am a summer intern for Brown Rudnick LLP. While interviewing for the job, my interviewer was most impressed with my high school experience at Nixon Peabody with the Boston Bar Association. The BBA Summer Jobs Program laid the groundwork for me on how to work in a professional environment, organize myself and my work, send professional emails, as well as reach out and connect with the attorneys at my firm. The workshops the BBA provides to their summer interns put me a few steps ahead of the other interns, as I have prior knowledge from attorneys and other legal staff on what it means to be a lawyer, the law school experience, and the logistics of getting there. The BBA Summer Jobs Program prepared me to reach out to attorneys, and was fundamental in starting my network at my current law firm, and is sure to be fundamental for all of my jobs to come. “ Thomas Vu, a rising sophomore at UMass Amherst who interned at the Nixon Peabody last summer.

Kylie Webster- Cazeau“This summer I am participating in the John William Ward Fellowship. Within the fellowship I am working at the state house with Rachel Madden, the Undersecretary of the Executive Office of Administration and Finance. The BBA Summer Jobs Program really prepared me for my summer now. The BBA allowed me to get comfortable in a professional setting, and really understand my love for government. The BBA Summer Jobs Program also allowed me to meet tons of great people and network like never before.” Kylie Webster– Cazeau , a rising junior at Boston Latin School who interned at the Federal District Court

Ben Haideri“I have continued to work at the District Attorney’s Office this summer, however I am no longer at the Dorchester Court, rather the main office in Downtown Boston. This summer has been just as great, albeit a different experience from the last two as I have seen the dispositions of a lot of the higher profile cases that may have started off in the courts such as Dorchester. It has been great seeing and working with some of the familiar faces who have recently transferred to the office, and I have had an amazing time meeting many new people and learning about the different units in which they work as well as the crimes that they may specialize in handling.

It is safe to say that I wouldn’t be where I am without the Summer Jobs Program. During the summer after my junior year of high school I applied to the program, was placed with the DA’s office in Dorchester, and I have had incredible summers since. I knew I wanted to go into the legal profession for a long time, and having the opportunity to jump right in with folks in the office who treated me like I was part of their ever-growing family was ultimately what solidified my plans. I look forward to one day looking out at a sea of young, eager faces at the BBA on the first day of their internships and telling them my story; one that I could only hope would give them half as much guidance as was given to me by the program.” Ben Haideri, a rising sophomore at UMass Amherst who interned at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office during high school.