Celebrating a New PILP Chapter

PILP Class 2015-2016

PILP Class 12

As our beyond the Billable readers know, the BBA recently announced the class for our twelfth iteration of the Public Interest Leadership Program. The BBA is pleased to welcome 16 attorneys into our Public Interest Leadership community!

On Tuesday, the new PILP class, a.k.a. PILP 12, held its first meeting at the BBA and discussed plans and goals for the upcoming year. Afterwards, PILP 12 met and mingled with the outgoing PILP 11 class and celebrated the achievements of the current class. For those of you needing a refresher ,the PILP 11 class spent the past year partnering with the BBA Reentry Education Program to deliver civil legal education workshops to probationer’s ages 18-24 participating the CHOICE program at the Boston Municipal Court in Roxbury.  Take a look below for more images from the evening:


PILP alums discussed the program



PILP 12 gets to know each other


To learn more about PILP, contact Galen Byrne at gbyrne@bostonbar.org.