Pro Bono from Your Desk

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Are you looking for a new opportunity to make an impact? Join the BBA’s newest pro bono project and you can do it in 3-4 hours right from your desk!

Volunteers will help talk people through some very basics on the foreclosure process. The BBA will provide a 1.5 hour training video and access to an attorney experienced in the area to answer any unforeseen questions.

Although it is a short commitment, you will be ensuring that people are informed about their rights in foreclosure proceedings arising from failure to pay taxes. As you can see in this article, it isn’t always clear to the homeowners that they will lose possession of their homes.

So, if you have a phone and a few hours to commit, you can help educate people about their rights and perhaps prevent someone from losing their home.

Please note: Attorneys will be asked for proof of malpractice insurance prior to signing up for volunteer sessions.

Please contact Katie D’Angelo at to get involved.