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Summer Jobs Students Get VIP Tour of Adams Courthouse

This morning, the Summer Jobs students traveled to the John Adams Courthouse for a tour of the courthouse and a meeting with Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court Margot Botsford. Highlights of the morning included touring exhibits on John Adams and the Sacco and Vanzetti Trial and meeting with Justice Margot Botsford to learn more about the legal system in Massachusetts.

Beyond the Billable asked Lauren Galloway, a rising senior at Boston Latin Academy and intern at Pierce Atwood, why she enjoyed the session.

“I was able to roam the rooms of past judges, including Oliver Wendell Holmes. I took an AP History course in school and it was cool to be able to relive history.”

Here are a few more photos from the visit:

The Summer Jobs students met with Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court Margot Botsford to hear about her career and the legal system in Massachusetts.

The Summer Jobs students met with Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court Margot Botsford to hear about her career and the legal system in Massachusetts.

Students took a tour of the John Adams Courthouse.

Students toured the John Adams Courthouse this morning.

The students will return to the John Adams Courthouse on August 22nd for their graduation ceremony.

BBA Interns – Learning from Lawyers (Part One)

Attorneys Roger Bertling & Bill McLeod discuss just how complex the Bankruptcy process can be.

Attorneys Roger Bertling ( Law Offices of Roger Bertling) & Bill McLeod (U.S. Bankruptcy Court) discussed the complexity of the bankruptcy process.

Throughout the month of July, volunteer attorneys conducted eleven training sessions at the BBA for summer interns and Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) staff about various practice areas.  We caught up with some of the volunteers to see what they had to say about their participation, and asked them why they felt motivated to volunteer their time.

Biagiotti, DanDan Biagiotti (The Legal Advocacy and Resource Center) conducted a training session on Legal Services.

“The Legal Advocacy and Resource Center works closely with the BBA LRS to make the best referrals between the programs. There are many callers to the LRS that do not have enough income to hire an attorney but that have a serious legal problem and it is important that these clients get directed to an agency that is most likely to assist them. By understanding which clients should be directed to LARC and which should be directed to another agency is a valuable service to callers who often have a very difficult time navigating the legal services delivery system. I enjoy conducting the training for these students because they bring such enthusiasm and desire to help others and learn about the legal profession.”

EngdahlRachel Engdahl (Law Office of Rachel L. Engdahl) conducted a session on Family Law

“Family Law is an exciting and changing field of law. I am inspired to see young people interested and proactive in learning about the process and daily practice. It is never too early to get involved and begin meaningful relationships.”


Ilir Kavaja (Kavaja Law) conducted a training session on Criminal Law.

“One thing in particular that I enjoyed sharing and talking about with the trainees was the importance of helping all those in need of legal representation, regardless of the ability to afford full, or partial legal fees. I shared this tidbit with the interns because it is a cornerstone of my legal philosophy; “Justice Above All”!”


Stay tuned for part two of the LRS intern training sessions.

If you are interested in becoming involved in future training sessions, please contact Solana Goss, the LRS Intake Coordinator, at sgoss@bostonbar.org.