BBA Volunteer Honored by Boston Debate League

The Boston Debate League named BBA Volunteer Tarae Howell (Nixon Peabody) a Volunteer of the Year at its annual award ceremony. BDL recognized Howell for his commitment to the program and students as a judge at local debate tournaments throughout the year.

Here’s what the BDL had to say about Howell at the award ceremony:

“The final winner is a lawyer by week and a favored judge by weekend. Always volunteering to judge where our need is greatest and always a student favorite, this judge represents the best of what it means to be an alumni of an Urban Debate League – pulling our debaters up as he climbs.”

Tarae Howell

Tarae Howell received a Volunteer of the Year Award at the Boston Debate League award Ceremony.

Howell is one of the 42 BBA volunteers who served as a judge or mentor and helped students develop valuable skills such as critical thinking, persuasive writing, and effective communication through competitive debate.

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